This site is for business owners, managers, project managers who want to use Web technologies and the Internet to achieve their business objectives.

Managers interested in saving months of effort in structuring their technology projects, establishing strategy and critical priorities, choosing the right suppliers or internal ressources and understanding the value of Web technologies to their organization.

It also targets businesses that have had bad experiences in application or web site development, for those who are in their first experiences in this area or those who lack internal resources to care for their projects.

Web development projects

IT development projects are often conducted for the wrong reasons: Love of new technologies, desire to change the look of a site without thinking about the business needs or wishes of the customer.

I aspire to assist companies to:

  • Better define their Internet busineess objectives
  • Develop a business case for their Web technology projects
  • Better manage their web projects
  • Make the right decisions and save time and money in their technology projects.

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