Flexible Services

My services are flexible and are being  adapted to your Web strategy, needs and budgets.

My approach is to establish a close relationship with my clients, learn as much as possible about their businesses and to help them become as autonomous as possible. My level of intervention will depend on your goals and your resources.

Consulting services

Depending on your needs I can work on the entire or partial life cycle of your Web project.

  • Needs analysis, objectives and strategy
    • We will analyze all your business goals and discover the best the best solutions and the best approach for your project.
  • Project Planning
    • We will identify key deliverables, budget, timelines, constraints, roles and responsibilities of internal or external resources of the project
  • Implementation of the project
    • We will select the internal and external stakeholders and the most appropriate technology for this project
    • We will track the project to ensure that the content, quality and deadlines are met
  • Operation
    • We will ensure that stakeholders are adequately trained to properly use your new applications or Web site
    • We will ensure that technical assistance is appropriate


I am not affiliated with any brand, and I do not claim any special software in order to advise and implement the best solution for your business.

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